• |X| MUSIC |X| Chevy Woods – Invitation (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)

    From Chevy Woods’ new mixtape, The Cookout.


    Fresh mix. Only 45 minutes old. I haven’t even finished listening to it. Latest tracks by Savoy

  • |X| STYLE |X| True Style

  • |X| HUMOR |X| What David Thorne Does at Work

    This is a collection of formal complaint forms submitted against Australian humorist, David Thorne. If your sides aren’t hurting by... View Article

  • |X| TECH |X| Adapting Solar Energy for Dope iPhone Ish

    Need to charge your phone? Spend some time in the sun. Want to listen to music, while your out in... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Live Dubstep Cover by Pinn Panelle)

    This is just amazing. WHAT IS THAT ON THE BASSIST’S THUMB! I want one.

  • |X| HUMOR |X| Check Out Obama’s Package.

    White men have often been intimidated by such.

  • |X| MUSIC |X| Free Mixtape from Artifact

    Get some UK flavor in ya’ with this deep-tune mix from Artifact. DOWNLOAD Tracklist: 01. Greenmoney – Into You (feat.... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| DJ Axis Powers – Jigga My Bass

    Check this mash-up by our boy from Shinobi Ninja. Go ninja, go ninja, go ninja go.

  • |X| HISTORY |X| First Televised Presidential Debate

    It’s no question that television has changed our lives.  Everything seems to be directed by the powers of the media... View Article