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  • |X| MUSIC |X| Now THIS Is A Hot Collab

    What happens when Busta Rhymes links up with Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Q Tip? Well… this happens… and we love... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| A-F-R-O Will Be A Household Name

    If you didn’t already know, now you know. This will be the day you’ll look back on and remember first... View Article

  • |X| TECH |X| Wireless Controller For Acoustic Guitar

    The future of music is getting more and more exciting. As technology improves, and gadgets get smaller, the way we... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| Knife Party’s “Leak” After A Rainy Day

    Apparently Knife Party admitted to experiencing some rain at their studio today, causing a ‘leak’ to spring up. Two+ months... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| Keljet

    Recently signed by Madison-House, Keljet is a project to watch out for. Blending a disco-feel with house and pop elements,... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| XXYYXX’s Self-Titled Album

    XXYYXX by XXYYXX If you don’t know XXYYXX yet, let this be your opportunity to learn of their music. Pour... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| Thunderstruck – ACello/DCello

    Post by Freerk Boskers. I will never forget hearing Apocalyptica for the first time. Their Metallica covers got me all... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| Shakey Graves Is King

    Shakey Graves – Tomorrow from on Vimeo. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the one they call Shakey Graves,... View Article

  • |X| MUSIC |X| Psy And Snoop Get A Hangover

    It’s no Gangnam Style, but I bet we’ll all hear it in the clubs.

  • |X| MUSIC |X| Dank Radio

    Simple is good. Dank Radio is making the process of hearing good music quite simple. Just go to the page... View Article