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Xander is a dedicated and reliable project manager, creative lead and collaborator. His ideas are staunchly original and impressively effective. His networking abilities have been integral to building successful concert venues, products, events, and brand activations. He has incredible natural EQ and charm, and he takes a solution-oriented approach to every opportunity, which leads to great results.

-L. Blaut, DeepIntent



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| Event Operations |
| Experiential Activations |
| Tour Management |
| Project Management |
| Talent Buying |
| Business Development |
| Partnerships |
| Product Seeding & Gifting |
| Custom Merchandise & Promotional Items |
| Sourcing Products & Services |
| Luxury Rentals |
| Private Concierge | 
| Consultation & Advising |
| Ideation & Concept Development |



I have worked with Xander on various projects for years, and he consistently proves himself to be one of the better event producers with whom I’ve ever worked. Xander not only has the relationships needed to source venues, production equipment, talent relations, etc., but is also incredibly nimble and is able to pivot no matter what issue arises. Xander’s experience and ability to forecast all potential issues prior to ever arriving onsite is why I keep coming back and employing his services.

-T. Duvall, Sunshine Sachs




| Artist Relations |
| Talent Liaison |
| Tour Coordination |
| Stage Management |
| Campground Management |
| Guest Services | Lost & Found | ADA |
| Traffic Control  | 
| Staffing & Volunteers |
| Resources | Perimeter Ops |
| Merch | Vendor Relations |
| Live Streaming |
| Sound | Lights | Visuals |
| Installations | Big Art |
| Transportation |



Xander was a great asset to the team not only from his work ethic but also his enthusiasm for the work. He provided great support to the team as a whole and his attitude was a great morale booster. He was always willing to take on more work, the clients sought him out and his fellow teammates enjoyed working with him. He became the cheerleader when the hours got long and people started to get tired. He led by example and was a natural leader to the other teammates.

-L. Schultz, Amplify



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