|X| Style |X| Marvel Maniacs Special SUPER-Limited Box Set

A collective of five Japanese creative life-long Marvel fans have come together for this special limited collaboration. The Marvel Maniacs Special Box capsule consisting of five t-shirts sees the likes of DJ Daruma work on a X-Men design, art director Yasushi Fujimoto x Thor and photographer Yasumasa Yonehara x Spiderman, as they’re all assigned with their respective favourite characters. Each t-shirt is in a numbered run of fifty and will be packaged in special boxes to include badges and posters.

These special boxes are to be released at Freak’s Store in Shibuya, Tokyo for one week periods on October 1st and 14th. During the collection’s sales, Freak’s Store are to turn each room into a ‘Marvel Museum’ that’ll be dedicated to each Marvel comic character. To follow this up, on January 10th 2012, the five creatives shall put up thousands of posters from a selection of comics around fourteen locations in Shibuya.

Peep the collection in detail after the click.