|X| HISTORY |X| First Televised Presidential Debate

It’s no question that television has changed our lives.  Everything seems to be directed by the powers of the media these days.  On this day, in 1960, 70 million viewers watched the first of four televised presidential debates.  Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy were the players, and over the course of the four debates America learned just how powerful adding visual to auditory could be.  Previously the only ways were radio or being at the debates in person.  Today we are inundated with both visual and auditory stimulation in the media world.  Imagine considering a new leader based solely on his words.  Take away whether he/she looks old or young, calm or concerned, well dressed or not.  Most will agree that a pretty face can get away with a lot more than others would be allowed.  Has it reshaped our wants and needs from a leader as a nation?  Have we sullied our expectations for attractive faces?  Is a candidate more likely to succeed if they are “good looking” by modern standards?  Debatable.  So, debate it.