|X| MUSIC |X| Author & Punisher: The New Frontier For Electronica

For those who say electronic music isn’t real music, take a look at the mold being broken into tiny pieces!!  In fact, i would have to say this guy pretty much dropped an A-bomb on the mold with his creativity, incredible coordination and inventive style.  The man behind the curtain, so to speak, is Tristan Shone from Tel-Aviv.  He fabricates musical instruments of an electronic nature using raw materials and open source circuitry, and creates what he similarly entitles his 2010 album with – Drone Machines.  The devices he creates draw heavily on industrial automation, robotics and mechanical tools/devices.  Watching a musician take control of an instrument can be awe-inspiring and even give you goosebumps.  There is a certain eroticism that comes from his interaction with his futuristic creations, similar perhaps to what it may be like watching a composer play every instrument in an orchestra at once (if it were possible).  My guess is that fans of Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor will go wild for this sound.  Very similarly, it carries a dark and almost eerie emotional tone, filled with grunge-dungeon sounds that makes heads bang and faces go sour with dirty delight. 

Of course, Tristan is a mechanical engineer.  He works for the National Center For Microscopy And Imaging Research, as well as researching sound interface design at the University of California’s department of Research And Computing In The Arts.  He is scheduled to release another album soon, but when exactly is a mystery.  I personally am eager, but more than willing to wait to see what this mad scientist of musical technology will come out with on Dub Machines.

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