Ever been to a silent disco? Sort of a novel party idea in the sense that you can get a crowd together anywhere anytime without making a sound, past that of dancing, to anyone more than a few feet away. The problem I’ve found is that the bass doesn’t hit you like it does standing in front of a massive speaker system. This is a major flaw, as the feeling of bass frequencies moving through your body at a show is an exhilaration and key ingredient. This is especially the case with modern electronic music.

To the rescue comes the inventors of a relatively light, wearable technology called the SUBPAC. It’s not a brand new technology, having emerged a couple of years ago, but the evolution of this technology is very exciting. The SUBPAC provides a sensation very much like the live experience by transmitting frequencies through the body of the user. You hear the notes and drums, but you feel them as well. It brings the concert experience with you at all times. Wearing the SUBPAC standing up and moving around is something you have to feel to understand, and the sensation is intensified tenfold when seated in a chair.

I had the pleasure of trying this technology out at Lightning In A Bottle festival this year, and I believe it, or at least a form of it, will become commonly used with headphones in the future. I could imagine them coming together as a set, providing the user a full body experience when they listen to their favorite bands.

Find out more at http://thesubpac.com