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Fashion is personal.  It’s an extension of oneself.  Some create their own threads, but the majority of us out there wait to come across that pair of pants or shirt, shoes or hat that jumps out and says ”ME!”  We all love having something that others have never seen before.  At least, those of us who don’t spend all of our money buying the same reprinted threads that the masses all have.  Even better is being able to rock an outfit with confidence that others could never pull off.  It’s that confidence that can bring even the wildest of fashions to public desire.  While traveling in Spain, I came across a couple of very positive individuals that were selling some of their original designs, and I was unable to keep from stopping to take a closer look.  After trying on the first pair of shorts, I knew that I had to take a pair home with me.  Of course, I stayed to try on several items and spoke to them at length about their endeavors.  The style is a bit hard to describe.  Perhaps some would call it hippy/festival-wear, while others may call it a new form of dress/casual.  I left them after nearly an hour of conversation, and an exchange of contact info, with a pair of pants and a pair of shorts.  My girlfriend at the time also couldn’t resist one particular pair of shorts.  I have to admit that they are probably the most comfortable and relaxed fit in my wardrobe, and I haven’t seen anything like them stateside.  The couple have just launched their website, and it’s chocked full of high fashion photos of their product lines.  Give them a look and see if it fits your taste.  I guarantee you haven’t seen much, if anything, like these threads!