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  • |X| TECH |X| Wireless Controller For Acoustic Guitar

    The future of music is getting more and more exciting. As technology improves, and gadgets get smaller, the way we... View Article

  • |X| TECH |X| The Cloud

    I love it. I want it. It will be my own.

  • |X| TECH |X| Making Cell Phones Private

    David Talbot:   On January 21 a text message flashed on phones held by the protesters thronging Kiev’s Independence Square.... View Article

  • |X| TECH |X| The SUBPAC

    Ever been to a silent disco? Sort of a novel party idea in the sense that you can get a... View Article

  • |X| TECH |X| Cloaking or Hoaxing?

    What do you think?

  • |X| TECH |X| Rinser Toothbrush By Amron

      This invention is long overdue, although they could have cut a full minute out of the video.  In any... View Article

  • |X| Tech |X| i’m Watch

    Futuristic watches have been coveted since the wristwatch was introduced, or at least since James Bond movies. Well, the future... View Article

  • |X| TECH |X| The Dolphin Jetpack

    Dear Santa, You really screwed me this year. I didn’t know this was an option.

  • |X| TECH |X| Race To Serve Up Artificial Chicken for a $1m Prize

    Dutch scientist Mark Post displays samples of in-vitro meat, or cultured meat grown in a laboratory, at the University of... View Article

  • |X| POLITICS |X| Anonymous Downs Government, Music Industry Sites in Largest Attack Ever

    This is Megaupload’s closure…rsal-sopa-235/ Hacktivists with the collective Anonymous are waging an attack on the website for the White... View Article